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Founded in 1999, Instrument.com.cn is the leading online- integrated information platform in China for analytical industry with over 2 million registered Lab-users. The leading-class content & editorials of the industries, coupled with its state-of-art online marketplace and interactive service, make Instrument.com.cn the ultimate technology & product information resource for scientists and researchers, as well as the technicians in all laboratories.

Instrument.com.cn focuses on Chinese analytical market and engages with Lab-users all stages of the purchasing process through every kind of content from the comprehensive database, editorial, webinars, and conference, as well as social-media.

Instrument.com.cn has wide cooperation with CAIA,CIMA,,CIS,and other instrument related professional societies,scientific journals, exhibitions and conferences.

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Online Exhibition of Scientific Instrument(Microsite)

In addition to functions like instrument and related product display,precise search,tailor-made services and direct business opportunities,the online booth service also allows its customers to grasp every business opportunity promptly by providing integrated services such as industry news access,webinars and application centre.Besides,the online booth service provides users the special column, instruments parameters comparing through professional service.

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Customers can post employment opportunities on this channel and browse through the current CV database,which consists of 100k CVS, to find out qualified candidates. The job title and resume format are specially designed to meet the requirement of instrument related business.

Instrument User Community

A hot communication platform for all instrument users. Users can post their questions,exchange opinions and share experience with each other.

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Latest news and technique progress in China and all over the world instrument market.


Brief News of Instrument-published weekly,150k subscrubers
MS eNewsletter-published monthly -20k subscribers


We provide webinars presented by specialists from academy and company everyday. We also hold several virtual conference of scientific instrument every year. It is an ideal platform for company to introduce new products and industrial solutions.

Market Survey

Based on over 2 millions registered users from kinds of laboratories, we provider both general and customized market surveys on scientific instrument market.We issued dozens of anunual market research reports of various instruments, such as GC, HPLC, AAS, UV/VIS, XRF, ICP, and MS etc.

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To help users solve their application problems, Application Center includes topical products,standards and application papers.

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Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments (ACCSI)

We host Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments (ACCSI) every year.ACCSI is a highlevel instrument industry summit in China, ACCSI aims to facilitate the efficient communication among government, manufacturers, distributors, researchers,and medias, to conduct a comprehensive summary for the previous year and to outlook for the coming year of Chinese instrument market.During the ACCSI,we will announce some Awards which have a significant influence in the industry:
"Best New Instruments of the Year"
"Green Instruments of the Year"
" Manufacturers of the Year"
" The most satisfied manufacturers on service"


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