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(GB double parameter) FAST COD ANALYZER 5B-3C(V8)

Product Model: GB double parameter
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l Rapid and accurate deterring surface water, water, urban sewage and industrial wastewater chemical oxygen demand (COD).

l Simultaneously deterring high and low concentration of COD in water samples, and working as instrument for deterring ammonia nitrogen (optional).

l Dual independent optical path without interference.

l Transmission current and history data to computer, working with USB, infrared wireless transmission (optional).

l Working simultaneously with the cell and tube to test.

l Transparent and heat-resistant materials for Spray-shield, ensuring safe and reliable experiment.

l Historical data storage up to 12,000.

l Built-in 180 curves, and with 30 of standard curves among them which could be used directly, the remaining 150 extended curve could be used in different conditions.

l Printing current data and historical data

l Cold light, narrow-band interference, lamp life up to 100k hours

l Automatically calibrating and saving the parameter.

l Programmable Temperature Range: 45-190.

Key Parameters

l Measurement Range 10-5000mg/L(COD) 0.0230mg/L(ammonia nitrogen)

l Measurement accuracy::COD<50mg/L,≤±10(COD) COD>50mg/L(COD)≤± 5 NH3-N≤±10

l The minimum detection limit: COD 0.1mg/L NH3-N 0.01mg/L

l Repeatability:≤±5

l Digestion time: 10/15 minutes (optional)

l Digestion Temp165±0.5

l Light source service life100k hours


Beijing Lian Hua Yongxing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., is one of the pioneers manufacturers which develop water quality monitoring instrument in China. In 1982, The company manufactured the first COD catalytic rapid analyzer ,which shortened the time of reflux from 2hrs to 10 minutes. This method was included in AmericanCHEMICAL ABSTRACTS, and got an Award of the updated contribution for the world's CHEMICAL industry in 1984. Because of the 30 years of continuous technological updates, COD catalytic rapid analyzer has been used as one of the standard instruments of Environmental Protection Monitoring station of water chamber and LianHua Technology has been a famous brand of national environmental monitoring instruments industry in china.

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