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Portable Handheld pH / mV /Conductivity / TDS / Salinity / Resistivity Meter

Product Model: SX723
Price:  RMB 2420
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Location:  Shanghai

Product Detail Certification

Portable pH/Conductivity Meter

Model: SX723

Product Description

Basic Specifications

CategoryProduct NameBasic features and specifications
PHMeasuring range(-2.00 ~ 19.99)pH
Resolution0.1/0.01 pH
AccuracyMeter:±0.01pH; Overall: ±0.02pH
Input current≤2×10-12 A
Input impendance≥1×1012 Ω
Stability±0.01 pH/3h
Temp. compensation range(0 ~ 100)℃(automatic)
ConductivityMeasuring rangeConductivity:(0.00~19.99)μS/cm (20.0~199.9)μS/cm (200~1999)μS/cm (2.00~19.99)mS/cm (20.0~199.9)mS/cm TDS: (0 ~ 100)g/L Salinity: (0 ~ 100)ppt Resistivity:(0 ~ 100)MΩ·cm
Resolution0.01/0.1/1μS/cm 0.01/0.1 mS/cm
AccuracyMeter:±1.0% FS, Overall:±1.5% FS
Temp. compensation range(0 ~ 50)℃(manual)
Electrode constant0.1 / 1 / 10 cm-1
Benchmark temperature25℃,20℃ and 18℃
Other Technical ParametersData storage200 groups
Storage contentSeries number, measuring value measuring unit and temperature,
PowerTwo AA batteries (1.5V x2)
Size and weightmeter:(65×120×31)mm/180g;Suitcase: (360×270×76)mm/1.6Kg
Quality and safety certificationISO9001:2000, CE and CMC
Working ConditionEnvironment temperature5 ~ 35 ℃(0.01grade)
Environmental humidity≤85%
IP ratingIP57 Dustproof and waterproof




1. Special waterproof connector which four different electrodes(pH, ORP, Conductivity, DO) can be plugged into and automaticlly  recognized.

2. IP57 waterproof, applied even under very difficult conditions.

3. Ability to set two special pH measurement models of high purity water and ammonia added purity water.

4. Adopts one common two-ring conductivity electrode(k=1), only one point calibration.

5. Automatic switches of range, automatic non-linear temperature compensation for high puriry water.

6. Ability to switch among Conductivity, TDS, Salinity and Resitivity.

Packaging & Shipping

 Package List:

1. SX723 portable pH/Conductivity meter

2. Model 201T-S plastic pH/ATC three-in-one combination electrode

3. Model 2301-S  plastic conductivity electrode (ATC, K=1)

4. pH calibration solution (4.00, 7.00, 10.01pH/50ml)

5. Conductivity calibration solution(1413μS/cm/50ml)

6. Carrying case

Company Information

 Company Profile:

Founded in 1991, Shanghai San-Xin Instrumentation Inc. specializes in research, manufacture and sale of electrochemical devices and electrodes ranging from pH, ORP, conductivity, ISE, DO to water hardness, turbidity, acid-alkali meters and electrodes. Our factory is located in Cao He Jing High-Tech Park, Shanghai, covering 1200 square meters.




San-Xin adheres to the philosophy of "honesty, sincerity, persistence and perfection" and the spirit of "credit, faith and trust" in pursuit of sustainable development. With efficient technology innovation, San-Xin's products and technology always maintain at the world-advanced level and ahead of counterparts in the domestic market. Up till now, San-Xin has successfully developed MP500 series of laboratory electrochemical devices, SX700 series of waterproof portable electrochemical instruments and SX600 series of waterproof pen testers. Newly developed benchtop and portable water hardness meters adopt electrode measurement and are the unique water hardness meters in the world which have won good reputation.



With 20 years of history, San-Xin always commits to brand development. Nowadays, San-Xin brand is renowned in both domestic and overseas market. Moreover, San-Xin series of products have been exported to many other countries and regions around the world. San-Xin's brand is expanding throughout the global market.

With ISO 9001:2000 certified, San-Xin has a strict quality management system. All the products are CMC and CE marked. San-Xin has outstanding research capability, advanced technology and high quality on the one hand and provides professional technique supports and after-sales service on the other. Backed by its core technology and innovation, San-Xin has established successfully long-term cooperations with many well-known international companies for whom San-Xin works as an OEM.


San-Xin will further implement brand development strategy, promote quality management system and information procedures, enhance customer satisfaction and create a win-win situation between San-Xin and its customers. San-Xin is developing and striving to achieve new leaps and more success.







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