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COD-582 on-line CODCr monitor

Product Model: COD-582
Price:  Negotiable
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Location:  Shanghai

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u       It was applied in monitoring of surface water quality in rivers and lakes.

u       It is applied for sewage discharge monitoring in industrial and mining enterprises and cities.

u        Industrial process control: The instrument is used for water quality monitoring in many fields including environmental protection, petrochemistry, chemical industry, electricity generation, Pharmaceuticals, food security, electronics and tap water supply.


Main features:

u        It adopts potassium dichromate digestion-redox titration method to measure COD in water.

u       It measures up to the standard of HJ/T 377 water quality online automatic monitor.

u       It can conduct automatic measurement, calibration, cleaning and digestion. Also, the user can set up measurement, cleaning, calibration, digestion time and temperature.

u       It adopts industrial computer control and work by computer operation.

u       It has leakage warning system, overheating temperature warning and reagent shortage warning function. 

u       It can realize self-diagnosis of function failure, self-protection and telecommunication warning.

u       It can store up to 2000 sets of measuring data and has deletion and viewing function.

u       The signal of 4~20mA can be connected with RS-232 port.

u       It has long-distance communication function.

Major specifications:

1.       Measuring range: 0100mg/L01000mg/L05000mg/L

2.       Repeatability or accuracy: ±5 or ±5mg/L( within 100mg/L)

3.       Zero drift: ±5mg/L

4.       Span drift: ±10

5.       potassium hydrogen phthalate test: the error range is ±10 or ±6mg/L(within 100mg/L)

6.       The continuous time of failure-free operation>=720h.

7.       Normal working conditions of instrument

     a)         Ambient temperature: (040)

     b)        Relative humidity<=90%

     c)         Power supply: AC voltage (220±22)V, frequency(50±0.5)Hz

     d)        No corrosive gas in the surrounding atmosphere

     e)         There is no function-affected oscillation in surrounding environment

     f)         There is no other disturbance of electromagnetic field other than geomagnetic field.

8.       Dimension (length x width x height ): 600mm×455mm×720mm

9.       Weight: 50kg


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