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COD-580 real-time COD monitor

Product Model: COD-580
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Product Detail Certification

(Authentication certificate No: CCAEPI-EP-2008-035)



u       It is applied for the water quality monitoring in the rivers and lakes.

u       It is applied for sewage discharge monitoring in industrial and mining enterprises and cities.

u        Industrial process control: The instrument is used for water quality monitoring in many fields including environmental protection, petrochemistry, chemical industry, electricity generation, Pharmaceuticals, food security, electronics and tap water supply.

Main features:

u        It adopts electrochemical oxidation method (hydroxy electrode method) to measure COD value in water.

u        It adopts sodium sulfate and glucose solution instead of dangerous detrimental        chemical reagents such as sulfuric acid, potassium dichromate and mercuric sulfate. Thus, it will not create secondary pollution.

u       The measuring time is short. Generally, it takes 6 minutes for each measurement and it is suitable for real-time measurement.

u       It adopts patented sampling system and can effectively avoid blockage and reduce maintenance work.

u       The measurement will not be affected by water color and turbidity.

u       It adopts touch screen display and Chinese operation interface for easy use.

u       It can simultaneously display COD, temperature, pH and flow rate.

u       It can automatically control measurement and calibration, and automatically store measuring results. Also, it has power failure protection function.

u       The RS-232 port can be used to expand RS-485 port and MOSEM network port.

u       It adopts remote control and data transmission.

Major specifications:

1.         Instrument measuring range: 10.0mg/L200.0mg/L200.0mg/L500.0mg/L500.0mg/L1000mg/L.

2.         Error range of measuring data: ±5%(FS)

3.         Repeatability: 3% (FS)

4.         Zero drift: ±5mg/L/24h

5.         Span drift: ±10%/24h

6.         Repeatability or accuracy: ±10%

7.         Normal instrument working conditions

    a)         Environment temperature(040)

    b)        Relative humidity<=90%

    c)         Power supply: AC voltage(220±22)VFrequency(50±0.5)Hz

    d)        There is no corrosive gas in surrounding air.

    e)         There is no function-affected oscillation in surrounding environment.

     f)         There is no other disturbance of electromagnetic field apart from geomagnetic field.

8.         Dimension (length x width x height ) 600mm×455mm×720mm

9.         Weight: 50kg


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