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DWG-8025A On-line power station monitor

Product Model: DWG-8025A
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1.It is a kind of intelligent instrument which can monitor sodium concentration in condensed water, supplemental water and demineralized water in power plant.

2.It is applied to sodium concentration monitoring in the field of microelectronics industry, automobile manufacturing and nuclear industry.



1.It adopts principle of twice addition calibration aiming to reduce errors in low concentration calibration.

2.It adopts three-electrode measuring system, automatic temperature compensation, double display of sodium ion concentration and temperature.

3.It is divided into dry and wet structures for easy installation, operation and maintenance.

4.It adopts particular pH adjusting system. It does not need expensive chemical reagents and frequency maintenance and it can measure and adjust pH value automatically.

5.It is equipped with constant pressure device aiming to guarantee liquid road constant pressure and velocity stability of measuring cell. It can also improve measuring accuracy and stability of the instrument.

6.It adopts particular transparent flowing measuring cells so that the process of liquid road is simplified.

7.It has data protection circuit against power failure. If the instrument is powered up after power failure, it can conduct measurement without calibration.

8.It has DC (4~20)mA(the maximum load is 750Ω)photoelectric isolation output current. Its value has corresponding sodium ion concentration.(It depends on output upper and lower limit.)

9.The instrument can output upper and lower limit alarming signal. The corresponding display is sodium ion concentration.

10.It has optional isolation RS-232 or RS-485 digital ports to realize digital output.


1.Measuring range:2.0 mg/L~2.00g/L

Sodium ion: (0.1~1000)μg/l

Temperature: (-10.0~120.0) ℃

2.The error range of electronic unit

Sodium ion: ±3% readings ±0.1μg/l

Temperature: ±0.3℃

3.Basic error range:

Sodium ion: ±10%(readings)±0.1μg/l;

Temperature: ±0.5℃(0.0℃≤T≤60.0℃)

±1.0℃(in other range)

4.Repeatability: 5%(readings)

5.Stability: ±10%/24h(readings)

6.Response time: 6min

7.Water inlet connector: outer diameter:Φ6×1, stainless steel tube

8.Water outlet connector: outer diameter: Φ10×1, stainless steel tube

9.Normal working conditions:

a)Ambient temperature:(-5~50)℃;

b)Relative humid<=90%

c)Power supply: AC voltage(220±22)V,Frequency(50±0.5)Hz

d)There is no function-affected oscillation in surrounding environment.

e)There is no obvious corrosive gas in surrounding air.

f)There is no other disturbance of electromagnetic field apart from geomagnetic field.

g)Sampling temperature:(5~45)℃

10.Dimension (length x width x height ) :

a)Measuring unit: 224mm×288mm×628mm hole size: 262mm×602mm

b)Electronic unit: 144mm×144mm×150mm hole size: 138mm×138mm

11. Weight:

a) Measuring unit: 10kg

b) Electronic unit: 2kg


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