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SJG-705 On-line multi-parameter water quality monitor

Product Model: SJG-705
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1.It is applied in water quality analysis in the field of environmental protection, agriculture, education, scientific research and integrated service.



1.It can simultaneously measure temperature,pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS and dissolved oxygen concentration and saturation.

2.It adopts modular structure and each measuring parameter uses independent measuring plate. The measuring plate is indispensable and other parameter measuring can be combined at will.

3.There are three digital communication ports which can be chosen: RS-232, RS-485, and ETHERNET.

4.The user can select automatic cleaning function. In this way, the electrode and flow cell can be cleaned by being washed with detergent.

5.The operation software provides data processing function on the base of Windows system. The measuring data can be recorded automatically or manually, and also the data can be displayed through curve and form. The data can be stored by Access data system, Word and Excel program.

6.The operation software provides curve copy function. The curve can be copied to clipboard and used by other software.

7.The instrument can be remote controlled by computer through RS-232and RS-485 digital port and network port.

8.The software can transmit the information such as sampling Number, testing person, testing data, testing date and testing time to system server for comprehensive processing.



Measuring range:(-10.0~120.0)℃

The basic error of electronic unit:±0.3℃±1 digit

basic error of instrument:±0.5℃±1 digit(0.0℃≤ T≤ 60.0℃);in other range±1.0℃±1 digit

2. pH

Measuring range:(0.00~14.00)pH

The basic error of electronic unit:±0.03pH±1 digit

basic error of instrument:±0.05pH±1 digit

3. ORP

Measuring range:(-1999~1999)mV

The basic error of electronic unit: ±1mV±1 digit

Basic error:±10mV±1 digit

4. Conductivity/TDS

Measuring range


0.000 μS/cm~0.199 μS/cm

0.20 μS/cm~1.99 μS/cm

2.0 μS/cm~19.9 μS/cm

20 μS/cm~199 μS/cm

0.2 mS/cm~1.99 mS/cm

2.0 mS/cm~19.9 mS/cm

b) TDS:0.000 mg/L~0.099 mg/L

0.10 mg/L~0.99 mg/L

1.0 mg/L~9.9 mg/L

10 mg/L~99 mg/L

0.10 g/L~0.99 g/L

1.0 g/L~9.9 g/L

The basic error of electronic unit:±1.0%(FS)

Basic error:±2.0%(FS)

5. Dissolved oxygen concentration/saturation

Measuring range

a)dissolved oxygen concentration:(0.00~20.00)mg/L

b)dissolved oxygen saturation:(0.0~200.0)%

Basic error of electronic unit

a) dissolved oxygen concentration:±0.20mg/L;

b) dissolved oxygen saturation:±5%(FS)

Basic error

a) Dissolved oxygen concentration: The differential temperature between calibrated water and measured water should be within ±15.0℃and ±0.50mg/L.

b) Dissolved oxygen saturation:The differential temperature between calibrated water and measured water should be within ±15.0℃and ±10.0%.

6. Normal working conditions:

a) Ambient temperature:(5.0~35.0)℃

b) Relative humidity<=85%

c) Power supply: AC voltage (220±22)V; frequencty(50±1)Hz

d) There is no performance-affected oscillation in surrounding environment.

e) There is no corrosive gas in surrounding air.

f) There is no other electromagnetic field apart from geomagnetic field.

7. Dimension (length x width x height ) :600mm×455mm×720mm

8. Weight: 50kg


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