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PXB-286 Portable Ion Meter

Product Model: PXB-286
Price:  Negotiable
Application Notes:  0
Location:  Shanghai

Product Detail Certification

Instrument functions:

uBacklit LCD wide screen, high definition digital display, operation reminder system and easy use

uIt contains ion measuring function of several kinds of ionspH/pX/pF/pCl. The data of ion concentration can be read directly.

uTwo-point calibration function

uUp to 400 sets of measuring data can be stored, deleted and viewed.

uIt has several functions such as low-power design, battery energy storage sign and power failure protection.

uIt can be connected with TP-16 serial printer. The current measuring data or stored data can be printed out.

uThe protection level of instrument case can reach IP65, and it is waterproof and dustproof and suitable for field work.


1、Measuring range



          Temperature: (0.060.0)




         Temperature: 0.1


           pX±0.01pX±1 digital


          Temperature: ±0.3±1 digital

 4Power supply: four alkaline batteries of model 5


 6Weight: 0.5kg


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