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JPB-607A portable Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Product Model: JPB-607A
Price:  Negotiable
Application Notes:  0
Location:  Shanghai

Product Detail Certification


1.3 1/2 LCD display(blue backlight selectable)

2.Automatic temperature compensation and quick response

3.It supports zero oxygen and full scale calibration

4.It is portable for easy use.

5.It is equipped with DO-958-S dissolved oxygen sensor.


1.Measuring range

Dissolved oxygen: (0.0~20.0)mg/L

Temperature: (0.0~40.0)°C

Dissolved oxygen: ±0.30 mg/L

Temperature:±0.5°C±1 digit

3.Residual current<=0.10 mg/L

4.Response time<=45s(90%respond at 20°C)

5.Stability:(±0.10mg/L )/3h

6.Salinity calibration range: (0.0~35.0)g/L

7.Temperature compensation range: Automatic(0.0~40.0)°C

8.Power supply: 2 alkaline batteries of model 5


10.Net Weight: 0.3kg

11.Case outside serial No: WXS-A004-1

Package Size: 260X260X200mm

Gross Weight: 2kg


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