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K1100F Automatic Kjeldahl Meter

Product Model: K1100F
Price:  Negotiable
Application Notes:  4
Location:  Shandong

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Features and advantages:

External titration cup is easy tocontrol the testing process. Overvoltage/overcurrent/overheat/in-situ testing safetysystem.Steam flow is controllable to ensure the flexible experiment.Automaticdistillation, titration, calculation, printing, waste-discharging and cleaning.High-precision pump and titration system to ensure the accuracy of experimentalresults.

application Fields:

Food,feed, clay fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry.


Thedetermination of protein content in soy products.

Thedetermination of crude protein content in wheat gluten.

Thedetermination of protein in the feed.

Thedetermination of total nitrogen in the soil.

Thedetermination of ribavirin content in the drug.

Thedetermination of nitrogen content of urea-formaldehyde resin.

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